iLuvBoutiques Guide On How To Be A Plus Size Lingerie Model

Yes ladies have you ever wanted to feel like you had the confidence of a super model strutting her stuff down the runway, well why not go for it?

Your boudoir can be your runway your audience can be your lucky partner or even a fabulous full length mirror and you of course can be that supermodel.

Firstly choose a fabulous piece of lingerie from iluvboutique that will make you feel wonderful and if your expecting the show to be over the top with costume changes why not go for a few different styles and some fun accessories for that extra vavavoom.

Secondly set the mood get your stage/boudoir set up with that perfect shade of lighting not too dark and not too bright just right to make you feel fabulous. Make sure you don’t forget to have on your favourite song you know the one that literally makes you want to get up and strut your stuff.

Thirdly get yourself in the mood
Make sure you have done all your prepping ie hair and makeup as any supermodel should feel extremely glamorous.
Slip on your exciting new lingerie and have a sip of your favourite wine or even a piece of that chocolate you love for you to keep your stamina up if you have a long show ahead of you.

Lastly it’s show time!
Have fun with it strut, dance, pose be as fun, sexy and as flirty as you want, your audience will no doubt be captivated by your performance and in awe of how amazing you look. We guarantee that you will feel truly fabulous and will be exuding with confidence, then the rest of the evening is up to you.

xox iLuvboutique